The video streaming platforms are the top 3 video formats attracting more audiences day by day. People prefer audiovisuals even for simple queries or doubts rather than reading through the content present all over the internet. Well, they are not at fault here.

With attractive video formats, pictorial understanding and easy language make it a favorite source or resource of information for all of us. Also, youtube is attracting top 3 video formats more and more YouTubers or youtube channel owners because of this very reason. Are you willing to become a YouTuber? Are you looking for the best video format for youtube?

Your search is over, you are at the right place. We will tell you about the top 3 video formats for youtube!


Before knowing the top 3 best video formats for youtube, we must know its purpose. There are several video formats available in the market, each having its distinctive specifications and features. 

These features affect the formatting and overall development of the top 3 video formats the content. But most importantly, it affects the possibility of video accessibility. Certain video formats do not work on all devices. This issue can lead to a segmented audience and may create a negative impact on your viewers. So, it is important to select a universal video format for higher accessibility and audience. 



MP4 is the best-suited video format for youtube. It has been personally recommended by youtube and is very beneficial too. MP4 is capable of storing still images, videos, text with small size files while providing the highest quality possible.

MP4 is the most popular video format and is top 3 video formats short for MPEG-4 part 14. The format is used on many platforms like VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. playing its content on the majority of the leading media players. The quality is top-notch and changes or additions like closed captions are easy to put in.


The other name for MOV is QuickTime file format which was developed by Apple. Apple thought of developing such a format to reach out to editors who are seeking to edit videos hassle-free and conveniently. The format is very simple to use.

The interesting feature of MOV is that it can easily be used and blended with other video formats and provides high-standard video templates or designs to its users. The designs are very attractive and eye-catching, capable of luring anyone to watch the video and enjoy.


This video received its plunge in the year 2014 when Windows pitched in to back it up, support the format and provide technical assistance to the same. The video format space offers storage for unlimited audio, video, or texts and supports a variety of codecs.


When you get into something new, take time to explore, and don’t wait for a mistake to teach you a lesson. Doing proper homework before kick-starting something new makes us smarter and saves us from future risks and waste of time.
We have got you the best video formats for youtube for your reference and assistance. It is an important aspect so never forget its importance.

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