Important Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for Defence Exams

It’s an honour to be a part of the preparing for the defence exams. However, joining the defence forces is a tough row to hoe. You need to tunnel through toilsome written exams and SSB interviews. Now the question arises: How to ace defence exam preparations? You need to adhere to a systematic routine with unfaltering dedication. Without a doubt, preparing for the defence exams is a daunting task. But, remember that cracking this exam can help you secure a prestigious job position. Moreover, you’ll savour a plethora of privileges by being a defence exams employee. 

The youth of India is passionate to join the Indian defence forces and serve their motherland. They need to crack the exams like AFCAT, NDA, CDS etc. A majority of youngsters register to apply for the NDA exam after clearing their 12th class. Cracking this exam without guidance is a bit hard. So, seeking help from an illustrious institute that can provide brilliant NDA coaching in Chandigarh can help you. Moreover, every defence aspirant should be aware of some witty hacks that can help them crack exams. 

Here is a list of some important things that every defence aspirant should know while preparing for defense exams:

  1. Be cognizant of exam details

It’s mandatory to know every exam detail before you start preparing for the Defense Exams. Firstly, get to know if you are eligible to appear for the exam. Afterwards, search for the latest exam syllabus and pattern. If you ask, from where you can get it? The official website of defence examinations is a reliable source to get this information. It can help you devise a proper study structure for exam preparation. So, don’t miss this step when you aim to become a defence personnel. 

  1. Pick reliable books

It’s quite obvious that you’ll prepare for the Defense Exams with the help of books only. So, make sure you are following the right one. What you need to do is collect the books that are according to your exam syllabus. There are numerous online portals from where you can get study material for exams. But, that material is not reliable. While collecting relevant books, seek help from candidates who have already cleared the exam. Also, avoid collecting a stack of books, as it can only baffle you. Therefore, your main focus should be on collecting study material that is sufficient enough to complete the exam syllabus. 

  1. Make relevant notes

Note making is an effective way to memorise concepts of different subjects. Try to ingrain the habit of writing while learning. It can help you retain concepts for a longer period of time. Additionally, you’ll be able to revise every important thing during the last hours of preparation with help of notes. It is advisable not to make notes with the help of any digital device. Preparing notes by writing with your hands can help your brain to understand concepts faster. Also, never rely on notes provided by others. 

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  1. Attempt mock tests

Practicing mock tests is an effective way to score high in the defence exams. These tests are designed as per actual exam pattern and syllabus. Therefore, it will help you simulate the experience of attempting defence exams. This way you’ll gather enough courage to appear for the defence exams. The best part of solving mock tests is it will improve your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Additionally, it’ll lower the chances of negative marking in the exam. Every defence aspirant can solve at least two mock tests each day to brush up on their knowledge. 

  1. Follow an organized study regime

Before you start studying for the exam, make sure you have made a suitable time table for yourself. You can organize your tasks by preparing a timetable. However, preparing a timetable is not enough, you need to abide by it. While making a timetable, make sure you are not giving time to wasteful activities. You need to keep one point focused on exam preparation. Also, you can give yourself short breaks to refresh your mind. Following a systematic routine can surely assure your success in the defence exams. 

  1. Adhere to healthy routine

Don’t forget that you have to clear the SSB interview along with written exams. To clear an SSB interview, you need to clear some physical efficiency tests. So, it’s highly important to take care of your health. Follow a nutritious diet that is sufficient to keep you healthy. Thus, good health will also help you in improving your concentration to appear for the defence exam. You can also add exercise to your daily routine. 

Additionally, it’s vital to relish a sound sleep of minimum seven hours every night. It can rewire your brain for better functioning. Also, you’ll be able to retain concepts easily. A good sleep and diet is a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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Defence Exams


Defence aspirants work from their fingers to bone to crack the defence exams. The points mentioned above can guide the aspirants in cracking the exam with flying colours. So, follow these tips religiously to ace the defence exams preparation. Work hard and achieve your goals.

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