What Is Screen Printing And What Makes It So Popular

Have you heard of term screen printing? No worries if not! For your information, it is a popular printing method that is being used for apparel. What this process uses is the pressing of ink through a mesh screen to get a printed design as a result. 

What do you understand by screen printing?

In this process, a stenciled design is transferred on a plain surface with ink, a mesh screen, and a squeegee. Screen printing is done on the fabric and paper, but you can also make the print on metal, plastic, glass, and wood surfaces.  

How is the process done?

The general screen printing method consists of creating a stencil on a mesh screen. The next step is to impel the paint or ink through that stencil to create an engraving of your design on a surface of the material you have decided to go with.

What is the replaceable factor in the process is the use of numerous techniques for stenciling. Stencils can be created in different ways but the real printing procedure is the same, always.

Also, you can use different ink shades for creating screen printing designs. When you use different design colors, you need to use a separate stencil for applying each color. 

Why is screen printing so popular?

What makes t-shirt screen printing a popular method has many reasons behind it. One of the main among others is the immense choice of colors that can be used with this method. You can do the print on darker fabric as well with this method.

The other advantage is related to the printer, which can print designs multiple times on a quick note. Since the stencil can also be used to reproduce a design constantly, the method is ideal for bulk apparel orders. 

Screen printing offers you to get a powerful coloring that is not with solely digital printing techniques. The only problem is that the process is a bit complex which restricts the use of colors in a specific design.

Is there any risk of ink washouts?

The item that has been printed using screen printing by using the accurate washable heat-treated ink has less risk of washing out. If the process is done perfectly, from drying temperature to the perfect timing, what you will get is a durable product that would not get washed away.

How to carry out the process? 

Though there are different methods, the process is accomplished with a common basic strategy. The process is done by creating a screen using a nylon mesh and a stencil.

It works best if you want to be creative with your good-quality t-shirt graphic design just because it offers a bounty copy of the design. Give your simple t-shirt a stylish, unique, and majestic look that is being loved by customers!

The main requirements to carry out the process are a screen, brushes, photo emulsion screen printing kit, translucent material, persuaded water, lamps, inks, and squeegee. 

Process of Screen Printing 

A simple process to print the design on fabrics. Check out the steps that need to be followed. 

  • The first step is to create artwork. Next would be covering the screen with a photosensitive emulsion. Do this with care.

  • The screen needs to dry in a dark room. Once it gets done, create a stencil and printing afterward. After the printing gets done, the screen needs to be placed on top of the clothing. The last step would be allocating the ink on the screen with the help of a squeegee.

Benefits of Screen Printing 

  • A simple method that provides vigorous and high-quality prints, screen printing is all about that! Let’s discuss the benefits of the process.
  • Screen printing uses thick inks, so you will always get prints of high quality. A variety of screen printing inks are available that allow you to create different effects and finishes

  • Screen printing is a highly productive method and is quick too. You can get more than 100 tees within one hour printed by a traditional screen printing machine

  • The method suits your pocket and you can choose it for bulk orders at low prices.
  • The method is compatible with many of the different fabrics and you can also get prints in different colors.


With many of the available methods for fabric printing, screen printing is the most flexible procedure of all. If you want to print on dark fabrics, go with screen printing for sure.

It suits your budget without compromising print quality. Serves best for bulk orders, you can also print on other materials like plastic, metal, paper, fabric, and wood. The features it offers make it the most preferred choice for fabric printing.

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