Mehndi designs for Beginners Crafts Step by Step

Mehndi designs are enjoyed by women from all over the world at this time – Now without a Henna design, finger mehndi design,

mehndi designs on hands,

every ritual/function is incomplete in India, Similarly in Pakistan as it not only embellishes your hands,

but is also believed to bring good fortune. A easy Mehndi design has something for all tastes such as,

basic geometric shapes to elegant florals, sensuous curves and bold motifs. By the way Bridal mehndi designs has become very popular with Bride’s,

where modern and elegant mehndi designs express themselves.

It sure sounds nice to have your mehndi design done from a parlor,

but nothing beats the satisfaction and pleasure of designing your mehndi on your own! Since the time that I was a little girl, I have enjoyed the wonderful art of henna mehndi. I used to enjoy stealing left over mehndi cones on Eid. Or other functions from my mom’s bedside and used to draw shapeless designs on my hands. My passion for Mehndi was what made me learn it until now, over the years, when I actually perfected it. I was her mehndi artist a few years back when my elder sister got married. I just can’t justify the pure pleasure of exhibiting my henna art on a true bride.

mehndi designs

You may be used to seeing complicated,

intricate and complex mehndi designs during weddings,

but there is no need to worry. Because there are also some very basic and equally pretty simple mehndi designs. That look beautiful without leaving you with a tired hand and an annoyed mind. These mehndi versions take much less time and are basic ones. That give your hands a hint of color without giving you a cluttered feeling.

Mehndi designs Patterns for Beginners Step by Step

The art of drawing Henna mehndi patterns is not a work reserved for experts,

and with a little practice and some inspiration, everyone can master it! So then, I feel every girl shares a special connection with Henna mehndi,

and there is always the temptation to draw beautiful Henna patterns! If you’re a novice who’s just trying to get her hands on the exquisite art of henna, then you’re correct!

Today, Here we will share step-by-step directions with you on some of these plain,

quick and beautiful Henna mehndi designs. To accomplish these wonderful mehndi crafts, just follow the step-by-step patterns. Catch inspiration and get involved:

Ethnic Mehndi style for Back of Hand – Mehndi for Beginners Beautiful Step by Step

mehndi designs
mehndi designs

Above is a very pretty pattern for the back of your hands, but easy step by step mehndi design. This design on your palms would look equally good and is just what you need to slay. When paired for the occasion with your favorite ethnic lehenga or Anarkali. Surely this mehndi model would attract attention to your hands. And give you the feeling of ‘out-of-the-world’! As seen in the first picture,

start drawing several circles,

and graduate by outlining your circles with tiny dotted circles. And finishing with cones and you’re finished!

Phase by Step Mehndi designs – Basic Floral Henna Art

With floral motifs, you can never go wrong, especially when it comes to henna art. Floral Henna patterns look completely stunning. And give you the boost you need for your special occasion immediately. The floral mehndi pattern above is also super beautiful and simple to achieve. Remember, the trick here is to thicken the petal outline. Which creates a big difference in the elegance of this pattern of henna!

mehndi designs

If there is something this year regulating the Henna mehndi styles,

it’s the designs of the rose mehndi! Thanks to their pure purity and grace,

roses top the lists of the most beloved flowers. And featuring them in henna designs has become a rage these days! The rose mehndi style above is super straightforward and totally beautiful.

Step by step for beginners, Simple Flower Mehndi designs

If you are a novice, then your best bet is to begin with floral henna designs.

Who says Rangoli was only intended to beautify your house, now you can even decorate it with your hands! The mehndi style influenced by rangoli above is ideal for a festival like Diwali. It is also very simple to achieve.

Simple Dotted Flower Mehndi design

Nothing cries ‘simple’ as Dots do and the best part is that by only connecting a few dots in some imaginative ways,

you can achieve awesome mehndi designs! The Above all style is super sweet and simple to accomplish. Similarly a perfect bet for Henna mehndi patterns for beginners.

Beautiful Step by Step Netted Jaali Heart Form Mehndi Design:

mehndi designs

The designs of Jaali mehndi or Netted mehndi have a beauty of their own and are my absolute favorite. You can begin with this basic netted heart design above. And graduate slowly to these Jaali mehndi designs that look completely breathtaking.

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