Reasons Why You Need to Give a Damn About Your Kidneys


Kidneys are undoubtedly the most important and highly functioning organs of our body. They are the prime regulators as they maintain the amount of water and salts in the human body. This maintenance can never be neglected in any shape or form as it is because of this regulation that a human body can function in the right manner.

These bean-shaped organs which are located below the rib cage are just the size of your fist. But it is because of their presence and their due function that we can get rid of all the contaminants and waste substances from our bodies.

According to urologists in Lahore, you should be extra careful about the well-being of your kidneys as they hold undeniable importance in your body’s normal functioning.

Let’s Start With the Importance: 

There is not a shadow of doubt on the importance of organs. Every organ has a specific duty which that organ is destined to perform so that the human body can function properly. But kidneys are the pillars of homeostasis. They are undeniably important as they make sure that no waste product that is being produced during the normal metabolism of your body remains inside and produces harmful effects on your body and its metabolism.

These organs are known to filter half a cup of blood every sixty seconds. This is how they clean the blood and can remove the potential waste products from it. This procedure ends up with the production of urine. That is how the loop gets completed after the extraction of urine from the body. Neither the importance nor the function of the kidney stops here as this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kidneys are the cardinal organs of the urinary tract system. They are the ones who control and allow the passage of waste materials from the blood to the water. They are also known to regulate the balance between salts and water in the body. That is how they make sure that your blood pressure is in control.  

The Production of RBCs: 

Another fact about kidneys that people feign ignorance about is that they actively participate in the production of red blood cells. If you do not have any prior information then just remember the fact that RBC is what makes up the most of the blood in your body.

By regulating the amount of water and salts in the plasma volume they make sure that the production of RBCs is in check. This is another important fact about kidneys that often goes under the radar.  

The Ways of Treating Your Kidneys In the Deserved Manner: 

Let us discuss the ways of keeping your kidneys healthy

Never Underestimate the Power of Good Exercise: 

It is inevitable for people to understand that exercise is the key to solve almost half a dozen medical emergencies. Exercise is important for your body posture and plays a prime role in the maintenance of your blood pressure.

Exercise does not mean that you have to run miles to achieve the desired goal. Simplicity is the key even in this sector. Start with simple activities such as walking, running, and cycling, and the results will astonish you.  

Drink Water… Lots of Water: 

Water is an important necessity because it not only maintains life on earth but is also necessary for regulating metabolites inside the human body. Hydration plays a major role in the proper and balanced functioning of kidneys.

Regular and proper intake of general fluids and specifically water can prevent you from a dozen health issues. The main ones are hypertension, kidney stones, dehydration, and the list goes on.

Therefore, to ensure proper renal function in your body, make sure you are drinking the right amount of water according to your body’s needs.  

Closing Remarks: 

People need to pay long-due attention to the well-being of kidneys as they are the vital organs of the human body. If you fail to protect these organs then you are looking at a long list of fatal and deadly issues because of which you might have to pay a visit to a urologist in Lahore.