Health care sector and rapid emergency actions

The Covid Virus challenges to the Health care sector to stand up for emergency actions, as per research from world hospitals, the Covid Virus has pushed the hospital and Health care sector. industry toward big losses, it pushed to hospitals to cut down staffs and supplies to reduce overall chain cost. but Disposable protective gowns suppliers have big opportunities even in a pandemic, as to secure the cost of the process it is very necessary for the health care sector to move towards the disposable rather than the reusable because rewashing and disinfection process also time is taken process which can’t be adopted within emergency situations.

Reusable Supplies

The health care industry at another hand reluctant on the cost and effectiveness of the care process during the pandemic as many hospitals moving their priorities towards the rescuable supplies as it cut town daily expenditures and also its much faster than the reordering process of new supplies, the reusable gowns are a little bit risky if the washing and disinfection process not done properly within the time limits whereas the price fluctuation of new supplies also an issue which directly hits operational cost, whereas reusable gowns can be usable after seventy to ninety times washing as well which means high cost-saving and efficiency can be controlled internally.

Medical staff and patients care

Mostly in general practice mostly hospitals allow one mask and protective gown for a whole day to nurses, ward boys, and doctors which means they are attending much patience with only one mask and gown and in most of the countries even in the USA wearing plastic garbage bags instead of gowns due to shortage of supplies, which means higher chances of transmitting infection when between patients and staff both which is quite horrible situation because virus only know to infect it could be anyone.

Lack of oxygen and cylinders

During the Covid pandemic where the world was not ready for that kind of evil hit by the virus, there are more challenges coming for the health sector mostly world facing oxygen shortage because after nature no one can produce and make natural oxygen so fast at the same time cylinders which can carry oxygen to the hospital even it’s big or small become short whereas which are available Health care sector not properly clean and don’t know how many times it has already been used, using without washing could be high risk and if going to wash it in the proper way of disinfection process take too much time which Covid patients don’t have.

Care and safety

The composition of the gown is based on polyester with blended fabric which does not allow liquids and another microbiological thing to absorb or penetrate on it, that made it tough and secure in usage which enhances safety and care in usage, whereas when it’s gone for disinfection and laundry they mark systematic number to detect a number of washes and its cleaning output which shows its real reliability to reuse it confidently.

   Cost and price impact

The heavy demand and low supply Health care sector of medical products badly hit health care systems and put a heavy load on hospital financial flow of funds, due to this factor many hospitals bear heavy losses because they need to first care for front line team for that they need to buy maximum protection and safety products which need huge funds but that not ends here that funds are not sufficient to buy desire product and its quantity because of heavy change in prices and processing cost due to Covid pandemic which nearly close many health sectors due to lack of financial pipeline.

Down Sizing and rehiring

As due to Covid virus many of the health sector begin to cut cost to buy safety supplies for that they begin to down size their staff even they know that in that time of emergency this Health care sector is not a good step which they are taken but in that scenario hospital workers need to compromise too much, they need some stable solution for that which can stop that kind of wrong steps, so many of the hospital call aid from many medical and private sectors to handle that emergency with the right call at right Health care sector time they get funds from different sectors and they begin to hire hospital staffs again.

Life cycle and checking of medical products

This is a big grey area which is also a big challenge for the health care sector where hard to do focus during any emergency or any kind of pandemic, normally in that kind of emergencies actions is taken too fast less thinking and fast actions are the norm but here need to soundly check the product made and expiry time, the product is original or fake because if they are not properly checked and scan it could invite another war or new emergency within an existing emergency.

Work flow for other disease patients

During Covid, it needs to be understood that safety come first for all categories of patients so to handle this matter health care sector introduce online based and the cost-effective solution they alert to other disease patients only visits a hospital in case of a critical situation or uncontrollable patient conditions otherwise stay at homes and get doctors guideline online this strategy allow medical sector too utilize workflow and workforce in very smart way, were they don’t need extra backup support form Disposable protective gowns supplier Kingyonmedical.

Here we understand that in case of any emergency team work and safety always come first and its similarly effective for all the sectors with in world specially for health care sector, health care sector proved us that safety of work force, sustainability and cost effectiveness can give better results in any situation and right use of medical products is mandatory in any health care disaster like Covid, according to the world health forum that kind of viruses also hit humanity in past as well but only way to out from that kind of viruses in future is to keep moving fast with technology adaptation and quick decision making.
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