What foods are good for your cat?

Healthy food will generally include foods are good for your cat foods that are low in fat and rich in protein content, and high in fiber. This is good for the cat’s digestive system because it can help prevent hairballs or vomiting.

Healthy food also includes fresh vegetables, legumes, and other plant-based protein sources. Lastly, a healthy diet should be rich in vitamins and minerals to provide optimum health benefits such as supporting eye health or fighting arthritis.

Ground Beef

Ground beef is a good source of protein foods are good for your cat for a cat, as well as many other nutrients. According to Humane Society, ground beef can provide cats with iron and zinc which are essential for their overall health.


A very common question we receive is Can Cats Eat Salami? Is Salami Safe for Cats? The answer is Yes.

A very small piece of salami can provide a cat with the necessary protein it needs. According to the Humane Society, salami can be a good source of zinc and magnesium. You can foods are good for your cat to give salami to your cat but in moderate amount.

Tuna / Chicken

Canned tuna is often considered the main ingredient for cats because it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are very beneficial to their health. Tuna or chicken may also include some foods are good for your cat minerals and vitamins; however, they do not offer as much as more natural options.

Lean Roast Beef

Lean roast beef is considered a healthy food for cats because it has low levels of fat. According to Humane Society, lean roast beef can provide cats with foods are good for your cat magnesium as well as some vitamins and minerals.


Eggs are a good source of protein for your cat, however they should be cooked or boiled before feeding them to your cat. This is because eating raw eggs can lead to salmonella in your cat, which can cause severe illness and death.

Chicken Breast without Skin or Wing Bone

Chicken breast is essentially the most natural form of foods are good for your cat chicken that you can give your cat because it does not include any skin or other processed ingredients. According to the Humane Society, chicken breast provides cats with protein and many other essential vitamins and minerals.

Liver (once a week)

According to the Humane Society, liver is a very nutritious choice for your cat. It provides many vital minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A. However, it should only be given foods are good for your cat once or twice a week because it can provide too much vitamin A in one sitting.

Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt can be a good choice for your cat because it contains probiotics that are beneficial to their health. Plain yogurt should also have low added sugar, so make sure before you buy that it is not loaded with unwanted calories.

How Much to Feed Cats?

The amount of food you feed your cat depends on a variety of factors, such as its size and activity level. Younger kittens or cats that are more active will need more than older adults. It’s always smart to consult with your veterinarian about what is the right amount for your cat.

Cats can be just like humans though. They have their favorite foods, and they will always stick to them. So, if you introduce a new food, most likely your cat will eat it or brush it aside. If that happens with your cat, don’t worry about it because cats can be picky too!

Lastly, make sure that all the food you feed your cat is fresh and stored properly. Always check the expiration date on your cat’s food to make sure it hasn’t expired. Additionally, if you plan foods are good on freezing some of the food, make sure to keep track of how foods are good for your cat long it has been in there because you do not want to feed your pet spoiled or frozen food.

If you are looking for other foods that you can feed to your cat, then here is a list from kitten passion. Good luck and have fun shopping!

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