How to Manage your business with Facebook Business Manager – A Complete step-by-step guide

Facebook needs no introduction!

One of the most popular and widely used Facebook Business Manager image-sharing social media platforms, which is gradually becoming a business hub. With around 2 billion users around the entire globe, Facebook is one of the leading social media applications and this ratio is expected to rise within the upcoming years.

Since these social media apps have taken the internet with a storm, there has been a massive upward surge in the businesses shifting their promotional strategies towards these platforms.

In this way, the brands and businesses got an amazing chance to give a shoutout to their products and reach their targeted audience via social media platforms. In this guide, we will walk through the platform of Facebook and its business manager that is helping the brands to reshape their customer base right from the scratch.

If you haven’t used the Facebook business manager before and you feel that it could be a little confusing and daunting for you to use this platform, then you are wrong. With the help of this guide, you are in luck because we are going to help you here with the use of a Facebook business manager.


The Instagram accounts and the product catalogs can also be handled right at one place by the use of Facebook business manager.

With the help of the Facebook business manager, the business owner can grant full or partial access to the team members and that is based on their role. In this way, you can delegate the tasks and different departmental works between your employees in a secured and secret way efficiently.

The experts of Assignment Ace conducted a study about the growing Facebook statistics and shared, the Facebook business manager can help the business become more productive and enhanced in terms of reaching the audience. This is ideal for businesses and agencies that have several social media accounts and pages for their services and brands.


Those who are running a very small-scale business and are managing it right from their home then they might not need any Facebook business manager. But if your business is having a great team of people and you are working with the vendors who are helping you to manage the Facebook and Instagram pages, then you need to have one business manager.

Using a Facebook business manager comes with a lot of advantages. This helps you to separate your profile from the business profile. In short, you would be able to maintain privacy and secrecy in your professional and personal life.

You can have control of your ads and the performance of the posts. Also, you would be having a central location to organize all your activities. Allowing the access and removing it further would also be a feature given by the Facebook business manager for the management of your data. You can also build different custom audiences for different ad campaigns as well with its help.


With the help of the Facebook business manager, the security of your brand is improved. For instance, you are coming up with the service of essay mills then, you can create multiple pages of your service and brand and can market them to the audience in an enhanced way!

Now we will walk down the steps of how to manage the brand with the Facebook business manager. Understand them right here to help your brand climb the hills of success. Let’s have a look.

Set up your business manager account:

The very first step of starting a business manager account on Facebook is to create that account. For this purpose, you have to go to the page of Facebook business manager and then click “create account”.

Now you will have to fill the form with the basic information and this could be your name, business email address, and other simple information like phone number, physical address, and the website. Then click on submit and now you will receive an email for confirmation!  

Link your Facebook pages:

Now after completing the basic documentation, you are now on the path of linking your Facebook and Instagram pages. You will have to link all your social media pages from all the platforms to your Facebook business manager account.

You have the option to create or to add the pages. If you are the admin then the links would be approved. You will have to enter the URL and page name to add it to the list. After linking all the pages, you can keep the track of your posts and their performances.

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