Evening Desert Safari in Dubai – A Perfect Destination For An Exotic Vacation

Travel enthusiasts whenever visit Evening Desert Safari, come back with baggage full of untold stories ready to be told. Out of those, the most animated travel tale belongs to the Evening Desert Safari. Whether you are into the tradition and heritage discovery of a place, or a crazy-head who loves to feel the adrenaline pump. In both cases, evening desert safari Dubai is the perfect destination for you. Here, you can experience a plethora of entertainment that is offered nowhere else but at this archaic landscape.
So to cuddle in the golden sand of the Evening Desert Safari, four of us planned to visit the conservation reserve of Dubai. We hooked on an evening itinerary offered by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The Evening Desert Safari dunes. What clicked us was that we can spend plenty of time there and collect most of the charms in the sunset tour. So we sealed the deal and successfully secured a great day in the desert.
Do you want an evening Evening Desert Safari? Then go ahead, give it a read!

A Delightful Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Pickup from the Hotel
    Our journey to the desert got started Evening Desert Safari with a pickup in a 4×4 off-road vehicle. Our travel planners –Happy Adventures skilled driver for a pickup. We during the late afternoon. The goal was to witness the magical sunset of which we had heard a lot. And yes, they call it right! It’s utterly magic.
  2. Dune Bashing
    The enticing sports arena of the Arabian Evening Desert Safari terrain is the legit ground for action! The furious 4x4s look stunning while hitting the dunes in the cantaloupe of sunset. Get into the dramatic scenes where the skilled riders show their manoeuvres leaving the sand storms behind. Dune bashing is a crazy activity we encountered at the desert safari Dubai. We had a ride-along with our tour guide from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC who accompanied us throughout the desert sports. He mentioned the safety instructions before dune bashing in a Nissan Patrol desert safari Dubai.
    There were also other SUVs hitting the sand heaps. These include hummer, dune buggy, land cruiser, and wrangler jeep as highlights. Dune bashing is a must-try ride Evening Desert Safari on the terrain until you are not faint-hearted, under 13, or having considerable health issues.
  3. Sand Skiing
    The extreme sport, sandboarding, is a recreational activity that people love to experience on the terrain. They usually don’t charge you for sandboarding. Many tour packages offer complimentary sand skiing activities. In this, a surfer crosses the dunes by fixing his feet on a sandboard. It’s all about maintaining balance on a flat wooden plank similar to snowboarding. If you’ve been a surfer in the past, it’s the right time for you to show some crazy manoeuvres across the high sand heaps.
  4. Fun at the Campsite
    The heritage desert offers direct insight into the lovely tradition of Arabia. Visiting the Arabian conservation reserve means you get to know this region from a closer perspective. There are exciting activities you’ll see going on at the campsite. These include henna painting, traditional outfitting & photography, and falconry.
    Take snaps with the camels, eagle owls, falcons, and other exquisite wildlife in traditional Arabian dresses. Getting involved in these highly cherishable activities is the direct way to celebrate your presence here.
  5. Watch the Sunset Hues
    The most beautiful memory I have of this outlandish journey was watching the amazing sunset. The orange ball drowning behind those sand heaps had a strange occult in it. It covered the whole premise of the desert into a cantaloupe. Sunset is the perfect time to click some beautiful snaps of yours as it’s a rare moment not everyone gets to experience. The dunes are in a bizarre melody during the sundown and luckily, we were the live witnesses of that enchantment.
  6. A Perfect Blowout
    Coming back to the campsite, we had our eyes popped up at the entire dinner menu. We were escorted to the buffet station by our hosts from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They first served as starters, soft drinks, and snacks. The munching later turned into the great feast where the crew of happy Adventures Tourism had the divine dinner. We tried several Arabian dishes and snacks, international cuisines, desserts, and food cooked with sautéed veggies.
    The Arabian coffee added the perfect Arabian pinch to our taste buds. Serving their famous “Gahwa” with dates is the traditional way of the Arabs to welcome their guests.
  7. Live Dance
    The live dance performances in a desert safari the visitors to get into the blast! The Arabian artists portray their stunning moves. These include the famous Tanoura dance of the dervishes in which they inspire the beholders with their spinning moves. Belly dancers are also there, portraying their fascinating belly moves on different Arabian beats.

The fire ring stunts of the stuntmen and dancers are also astonishing to see. Seeing these jaw-dropping performances while having shisha is the legit ecstasy in the wilderness.
Our evening tour ended with lots of laughter in the 4×4 on our way back to the hotel. Team Happy Adventures Tourism made it easier for us to wander around the vast limits of the desert. Grabbing an evening desert safari is a great deal if you want to witness the colours of Arabian tradition to its core.
The reddening dunes of Evening Desert Safari are bound by the occult of nature where a traveller finds his paradise. Whether you are an adventure freak, a photographer, an Instagrammer, or looking for an archaic location to shoot your best shots, this place is picture-perfect. Moreover, the Arabian barren is a phenomenal land to explore the unseen wildlife. So grab your backpack and get ready for an outlandish voyage in Dubai.

We shared mind-blowing highlights of the evening desert safari in Dubai. Where each and every insight including thrill, entertainment, delicious food and photography facilities.

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