How To Make A Goog Book Cover For Your Self-Published Book


“Never judge a person by the way he/she looks or a book, by the way, it’s covered” is a popular adage. But it’s not 100% true! People still make a perception about a person by their appearance and about a book by its cover.

In fact, over 50% of readers get attracted to a book by its cover page design. Therefore, a well-designed book cover can increase its visibility tremendously. That’s why all major publishers have marketing & sales departments specialized in ensuring enticing book titles and cover designs to attract their target audience.  Whether readers are looking for a book in an online store or a physical bookshelf, every book cover competes for attention.

Being a self-published author, you need to ensure your book cover stands out. But it’s not going to be an easy task for you as you don’t have a dedicated marketing team at your disposal. That means you won’t have access to the vital data, based on which professional designers create book covers. You may not know the types of cover designs that sell better. You have spent significant time writing your book, giving perfect words, and now just because of an average book cover, you would never like to spoil everything. Therefore, you should pay utmost attention to your book cover design.

But before you get on the self-publishing bandwagon, you need to make sure the cover design is outstanding and instantly draws your target readers’ attention. Your book cover can work as an effective marketing tool if designed thoughtfully. It contains the first information about the book, and if it isn’t eye-catching, your target audience will most likely move onto the next option.

So what are the options available? What are the many ways that can help you get a book cover for your next book?

Well, here are the options.

Think about the options

The first option is to make it on your own if you’re a professional graphic designer. This option is best, but not all authors are graphic designers. You can find a lot of graphic designers specialized in creating book cover designs. The best way is to find a design that best suits your book and its genre and then hire a designer who will bring your ideas into reality. Similar to a brochure design, your book cover design must also be as per the genre. You should choose the designer accordingly; for example, choose a designer who has expertise in creating romantic designs if yours is a romantic, humorous novel. It’s the most expensive option. But if you don’t have a budget issue, you should go with it to give your book cover a perfect finish with the right designs.

The second option would be a design contest on an online creative marketplace such as Designhill. With this option, too, you get an opportunity to work with dedicated designers on a one-to-one basis. All you need to do is launch a design contest on any of these platforms with a design brief, and within a few days, you’ll get dozens of great designs from some of the world’s best talents. You have the luxury to choose one out of those designs or reject all. If you find any design attractive, award that designer and suggest changes to make the design more personalized. This way, you get the opportunity to work with multiple designers.  

The third option is for those self-publishers who have very less or no money to either hire a professional designer or launch a design contest of a graphic design platform. It’s a DIY book cover maker that lets you create a design for your next novel without spending a penny. There are a lot of design maker tools available today. Choose one that best suits your needs and start creating your book cover designs on your own in just a few minutes.

Check your budget

The budget may be one of the biggest concerns being a self-published writer. Most likely, you don’t have the luxury that an established author usually has to spend a hefty amount of money on book cover design. So, instead of hiring a graphic designer or agency, you should launch a design contest on a graphic design platform like Designhill. Then, you can have a beautiful book cover design designed by a professional graphic designer for just a few dollars.

If you try to push the cost even much down, you may be compromising with the quality, which will spoil your entire effort. We won’t suggest you use a book cover maker software or design it on your own if you aren’t a professional designer just for the sake of saving a few dollars. 

 Get clear on the terms with the designer.

Whether you’re launching a design contest with a design platform or hiring a designer from any of such platforms, first gather some information about the genre of your book and then create an excellent design brief. This would give you an insight into the genre so that you can precisely brief your designer. In addition, this would put you in a better position to interact and suggest the designer for an attractive cover design.

Also, the early research would fasten the design process. You won’t like to delay your book launch, right? When you are well acquainted with the theme and other things, you’d better ask your designer how the work will be done? How will you present a rough sketch to me to get an overview of the design? Will you provide the complete design and then be open for revisions? Apart, there are many more questions that you would like to ask your designer. 

Provide requisite details to the designer

The real work starts once you’ve hired a designer. The best way to work with a freelance graphic designer is to be open about the design concept and other details right from the beginning. The more details you provide in the front, the more time you will save on later changes. If you have got a sample of the cover you like and want to design, share it with the designer. You can draw a rough sketch of what you are willing to see and then share it with the designer.

The entire process will help the designer understand your needs more precisely from the start. Because a professional designer never just gets started working without understanding the client’s exact need. You can talk to the designer about what you have authored, what’s in the book. This way, you can expedite the design process.

Ask for feedback

Ask the designer to submit multiple concepts and share them with your friends and family members for their feedback. Whether they’re a writer or not, they can provide excellent feedback. Once you have feedback, talk to the designer and finalize the design.

Conclusion An attractive book cover sells better—no doubt about it. So make sure your book cover is thoughtfully designed. Hire a designer or launch a design contest on a design platform to up your chances of getting a design that makes readers buy. You should be closely involved in the design process to ensure the best end result.

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