Best 7 furniture brands in Pakistan

List of Pakistan’s Top 7 Furniture Brands

The top seven furniture brands are covered in this article. There may be others, but these are the most well-known. So, without further ado, let’s become acquainted with these treasures!

1- Inter wood

Inter wood is arguably Pakistan’s most well-known furniture brand. It has a 40-year history and is regarded as a forerunner in the industry. Its extensive experience with mega-projects is apparent. People trust this brand to deliver tried-and-true quality.

Interwood furniture brand provides services for houses, workplaces, kitchens, closets, accessories, doors, flooring, and more. Even years after a purchase, it places a great focus on client satisfaction. Their products have the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technological characteristics. It began as a small workshop in Karachi and has now grown to a large and devoted following across the country.

Cresta Mattress (King)

This king-sized bed is made of natural wood and looks great. It can be a lovely addition to any d├ęcor when paired with the high-end bedding set. The round-shaped legs have a beautiful chrome finish. A simple panel can be found on the headboard. Even on the heaviest mattress, across slat support system gives the best upkeep. The plain furniture design mixes well with the room’s ambiance. Metal is used for the legs.

2- Pakistan’s Furniture Hub

This is the only place you’ll need to go if you’re looking for any form of furnishings. The most popular furniture brand goods include sofas, beds, chairs, tables, home decor, and chairs. You can place your order online and benefit from the excellent service.

Console with Carved Frame (DRESSER)

This Sheesham frame would look fantastic in your home. It provides the most additional storage.It works well in both the living room and the bedroom. A high gloss finish is used for the finishing. The Sheesham frame is sturdy and long-lasting.

The greatest things to put on this dresser are family photos, lamps, and books. For decorating, any of the best Himalayan salt lamps can be used.

3- An Outlet for Obsessions

This is the place to go if you’re looking for high-end furnishings. It offers a variety of packages and bundles to make your decision easier. Weddings, child beds, and sofa sets, for example, are all unique. Because furniture brand expresses your mood, you should shop at the Obsession outlet for a wider range.

It is a well-known and reputable online furniture business. Their extravagant, opulent, and magnificent products will turn your house into a dream come true. There are literally thousands of options for wooden furniture brand, whether for your room or your entire home.

Set of Luxury Sofas

This sofa belongs to the category of luxury sofas. It exudes both opulence and grace. The supporting upholstery is made of velvet fabric and is comfortable to the touch. With the elegant pillows, the diamond pattern added to the classy aesthetic.

After a hard day, this sofa is ideal for unwinding. The plushness of the high-density foam in the arms and back comes from the high-density foam. It’s a fantastic complement to any living space.

By purchasing this item, you may show off your sense of style and taste. It is a luxurious and exceptional sofa that, along with the ottoman stools, is a best-selling item in Pakistan. The room’s ambiance is lifted by the classic design. The headrests are mature and supportive. The color black has a strong presence.

4- Furniture with an Index

This is a Thai furniture  brand with Pakistani outlets.  The collection includes a wide range of modern home accessories and furnishings. Because of its high quality, Index furniture has won several accolades. On all of the products, it provides a robust warranty and functionality. The showrooms in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi showcase world-class designs.

H-BANETTO Sliding Door 120 cm Sliding Door Wardrobe

This is a white wardrobe with a neutral appearance. It includes four drawers on the bottom that provide additional storage. The worth of this wardrobe is due to its wooden structure and high-quality raw materials. This item is made from a wonderful combination of wood, melamine, and foil.

5- Malik Home Furnishings

Another Pakistani furniture manufacturer offers the greatest bed and sofa sets for your home. They exclusively sell the highest-quality furniture brand and have helped to enhance the furniture industry’s standards. Their collection includes all of the most recent designs and varieties of furniture brand. You’ll be able to find the best items for your business, home, and design.

 ( ten)Showcase

Malik furniture has a large selection of showcases of various styles. Their best showcases, for example, are the corner china cabinet, antique china cabinet, China hutch, and china cabinet. This is a high-quality wood china cabinet at an inexpensive price. Books, toys, decorations, showpieces, trophies, photos, and other noteworthy and memorable items can all be displayed. The glass is strong and long-lasting

Factorize at home

Home Free is a place where you can find modern, smart, and innovative designs. You can receive excellent quality furniture brand at a cheap cost. Their stores may be found in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and other cities in Pakistan. Their products will make your place look elegant and well-kept. This is the place to go whether you’re thinking about remodeling your bedroom or your entire house.

6- Ranoli Bed (Modern)

Rosewood is used to create this lovely bed. It exudes a seductive and lovely aura. Mahogany walnut is used to finish the piece, giving it a rich appearance. The bed’s opulent appearance enhances the ambiance of any bedroom. It includes a dresser, mirror, side table, and drapes that match.

7-HOiD is number seven.

This is Pakistan’s first online furniture store. It was formed in 2013, and since then, it has helped to make modern design more accessible. Their items are extremely useful, luxurious, and well-designed. There are numerous furnishing products available that are distinctively designed, functional, and practical. All high-end, exceptional, and superior furniture brand, as well as accessories, can be delivered right to your home.

 3 Square Mirrors Framed Las Hallway/Dresser

Shelf This is a totally contemporary and modern dresser shelf, made with the distinctive raw material of oak wood. Three mirrors are stacked on top of each other in the shape of a ladder. The shelves and dresser look great with this lovely design.

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