10 unbelievable Reasons You Need Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

A blog post about the reasons to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 as well as the pros and cons of buying it. The article provides a list of 10 good reasons to buy a Surface Pro 8 which includes not having to use multiple pieces of hardware, reduced storage space requirements, compatibility with other devices and accessories, etc.

10 Reasons You Need Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a powerful and versatile device that can help you take on whatever your day may bring. Here are some reasons why you need one:

  1. Its Performance Is Exceptional

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is packed with features and performance that make it a top choice for anyone looking for a laptop replacement. With its Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, and 128GB of storage, the Surface Pro 8 can handle practically any task you throw at it. And because it runs Windows 10, there’s no need to worry about compatibility or updates – the Surface Pro 8 will always be up to date and ready to go.

  1. Its Design Is Unforgettable

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8’s design is stunning – it looks like a high-end laptop but weighs less than most of them, making it perfect for travel. Plus, its precision touchpad and pen makes taking notes and drawing diagrams a breeze.

  1. It Comes Complete With All The Accessories You Need

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 comes complete with all the accessories you need – including an active stylus, a Type Cover keyboard cover, and an AC adapter – so you won’t have to waste time shopping for them separately. Plus, thanks to its versatile hinge design, the screen can be placed in any orientation you want, so you can get the most out of your work area.

  1. It Has An

About Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the latest iteration of the Surface Pro series. It comes with a 12-inch display, an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, 8GB or 16GB of storage, and a 1TB hard drive. The device has an impressive battery life of up to 12 hours, making it perfect for busy professionals who need a laptop replacement that can keep up with their hectic lifestyle.

One of the best features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is its pen support. The device comes with a stylus that you can use to take notes or drawings, which is great for students or anyone who needs to be more accurate when writing or drawing. You can also use the pen in Windows Ink to create documents or simulate handwritten text.

Another great feature of the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is its portability. The device weighs only 2 pounds and has a thin design that makes it easy to carry around and take with you wherever you go. You can also use it as a secondary screen for using other applications on your computer, such as streaming videos or playing games.

What are some of the features/benefits of Microsoft Surface Pro 8?

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a powerful device that comes with many features and benefits. Here are some of the most important ones:

-Great Performance: The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 offers great performance thanks to its Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, 4GB or 8GB of RAM, and 256GB or 512GB of storage. This means you can run multiple applications at the same time without any problems.

-Stylish design: The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a stylish device that looks great on any desk. It has a metal body and a Gorilla Glass front panel, which makes it resistant to scratches and other damage.

-Durable construction: The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is built with durability in mind. It features a reinforced magnesium frame that makes it strong and durable, while the Adobe Reader cover protects the screen from scratches and dust particles.

-Multiple ports: The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 comes with multiple ports, including two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, and a headphone jack. This means you can connect various devices easily without having to search for an extra port.

How to Buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 8

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro is a great option. Here’s how to buy one:

  1. First, decide what type of Surface Pro you need. There are three models available: the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pro 3, and the Surface Pro 2. The Surface Pro 4 has an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. The Surface Pro 3 has an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM. The Surface Pro 2 has an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM.
  2. Next, decide what type of device payment plan you want to use: purchase outright or lease through Microsoft? Purchase outright means that you pay the full price up front and own the device outright. Lease through Microsoft means that you pay monthly fees for the duration of your lease which allows you to use the device as long as you keep up with your payments.
  3. Once you have made your decision on device type and payment plan, it’s time to choose which model you want. The table below shows all three models side by side for comparison:

Model Processor Memory Display Type Operating System Cost (USD) SP4 i5 8GB 256GB 10-point multi-touch Windows 10 $799 SP3 i3 4GB 128GB 10-point multi-touch Windows 10 $549 SP2 Atom 1GB 64GB 10-point multi-touch Windows 10 free


Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is an amazing device that has a lot to offer. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why you should consider buying this device. Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is perfect for business users who need a powerful device that can handle a lot of work. Additionally, the portability of this device makes it perfect for travel. Whether you are looking for a tablet that can replace your laptop or just want something small and convenient to take with you on the go, Microsoft Surface Pro 8 may be the right choice for you.

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